Introduction to Micro Mosaic Glass Jewelry—One Day Class

Thursday 10/10/2019, The Melting Point, Sedona, AZ

The creation of micro mosaics dates back to the early 1600s in Italy, becoming popular with tourists who collected them as mementos of their travels through Italy in the 1800s. These tiny works of art remain an intriguing and beautiful form of glass art today. Micro mosaics are created by slicing up tiny pieces of glass cane, called tesserae, and laying them into a matrix of paste to hold them in place. Micro mosaics have been used largely in the creation of highly detailed imagery in jewelry, and in this class that will be our focus.

In this one day workshop you’ll learn the basics of working with micro mosaics, including how to slice the glass canes and secure them into a bezel setting. You'll be working with pre-made components imported from Italy as well as components that Janice has created for class, so no flameworking skills are needed.  At the end of class you'll have created two to three micro mosaic pendants and will leave class with a resource guide so you can continue to make micro mosaic glass jewelry when you return home.

All tools and materials are included in this course.

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Prerequisites:  None


Micro Mosaic Glass Jewelry Intensive—Three day Class

Friday-Sunday 10/11-10/13, 2019, The Melting Point, Sedona, AZ

In this three day intensive, you'll learn all of the things from the one day class (see above,) plus you’ll learn how to flamework components that you’ll use to create your own unique glass micro mosaic designs. This process involves creating a variety of stringers and murrine. If you have struggled in the past with making big and complex murrine, or have never made murrine, this is an excellent way to learn how to make simple patterned cane in a low-stress environment. While our focus will be on floral motifs, in this intensive course you'll have an opportunity to explore other design options.

You’ll also learn about the various tools and supplies used in micro mosaics and learn how to deal with the special design challenges that you’ll face while working in this small scale. By the time you are finished with class, you’ll have completed 1 to 2 pendants for each day you are in class. You’ll also leave with a list of resources so you can continue working on micro mosaics once you return home.

All tools and materials are included in this course. Students who are taking the three day intensive should bring their own flameworking tools. While the tools for creating the micro mosaics are supplied, students encouraged to bring any small shaping tools, such as dental picks and scalpels, to class. Students are also encouraged to bring a magnifying light if they own one. 

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Prerequisites:  Basic flameworking skills