Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Janice's newest passion is glass micro mosaic jewelry. Micro mosaics originated in Italy and became popular with tourists in the 1800s. Janice has learned how to create these ancient pieces using her lampworking skills to create contemporary designs. You can learn how to make micro mosaics in one of Janice's upcoming classes.


Glass Bead Mysteries

Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

The Glass Bead Mystery Series includes High Strung, A Bead in the Hand, Be Still My Beading Heart, Off the Beadin' Path, and To Bead or Not to Bead. These humorous murder mysteries feature glass beadmaker Jax O'Connell,  a cast of quirky characters, fun beading details, a catnip-addicted cat, and a little bit of  romance.


Beads, Jewelry & Sculpture

Glass Micro Mosaic Jewelry

Beads, Jewelry & Sculpture

Janice creates lampworked glass beads using a torch and colorful glass 

from Italy. She designs and

 assembles jewelry from her handmade beads. These pieces are one-of-kind 

wearable glass art.  Janice also 

makes large sand-casted glass sculptures that have a similar style to her smaller works. 

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