Hot Glass Sand Casting

Sand Cast Glass


The sculptures in the image above were created by Janice Peacock using glass sand casting.

Gathering Furnace Glass


After preparing the sand mold, Janice dips a ladle into the furnace and pulls out glass at 2200 degrees.

Pouring Molten Glass


Then Janice ladles hot glass into a mold of compacted sand that is been prepared ahead of time.

The Sculpture While Hot


The hot glass in the sand mold cools before being put in the kiln. Once it is in the kiln it will cool for many hours.

Sand Casting in Scotland


Watch a video of sand casting with Janice Peacock and Paul Marioni in Scotland on Janice's YouTube Channel.

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Sand Casting in Sedona, AZ


Watch a video of Janice casting glass during her residency at The Melting Point on Janice's YouTube Channel.

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