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Janice loves to teach intermediate and advanced classes in glass beadmaking as well as classes in hot glass sand casting. The classes listed below are just a sample of what she can teach. If you'd like her to lead a class at a studio in your area, please send her a message.

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Class Offerings

Ancient Mask Beads


In this class, we will work sculpturally in the flame, and you’ll create mask beads and other stylized faces. This class will allow you to hone your sculptural skills, using inspiration from African masks as a starting point. We’ll decorate these mask shapes with various types of powders, including reduction powders and enamels, as well as a few non-glass elements. As time permits, we will explore classic ancient vessel shapes. You’ll have lots of time to play with the endless decorative possibilities that powders can create. The result will be beads that look like artifacts that have been dug up from an archeological dig.  We’ll discover the transformational power of masks, revealed in the flame, one bead at a time.

Collage Vessel Pendants



In this class you’ll learn to create small vessel-shaped pendants and colorful collage-style beads. You'll use decorative components including dichroic glass, silver foil, enamel powders and glass shards to create a multi-layered effect in your pieces. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for creating perfectly-shaped handles for your small vessels. There will be lots of time to play with the endless decorative possibilities these components can create. While these vessels appear to be functional, they are for decorative purposes only.These vessels are made off the end of a mandrel and are best used by attaching a bale to the top of the piece when it is cool.  

Hot Glass Sand Casting


This class is an introduction to the exciting process of hot glass sand casting in order create solid glass sculptures. The casting process involves the creation of open-faced temporary molds made by pressing objects into sand, preparing the mold for the casting process, and then pouring a ladle of molten glass from the furnace into the mold.  In addition sand casting in the hot shop, students will spend time in the flame shop creating small torch-worked glass components that can be added to the castings to create colorful and delicate details. Some experience working with flameworking or glass blowing is recommended. Students will receive information from the instructors prior to class regarding what they’ll need to bring to the workshop.