The Glass Bead Mystery Series

be still my beading hearT


Be Still My Beading Heart, A Glass Bead Mini-Mystery

It's Valentine's Day and Jax O'Connell's red VW bug is missing. Did she forget where she parked the Ladybug as she rushed to deliver her handmade glass beads, or has the beloved car been stolen? Searching the streets of Seattle, Jax and her best friend, Tessa, face some unsavory characters. Jax regrets not having a date on the most romantic day of the year after spotting Ryan, Seattle's newest--and hottest--cop and running into Zachary, the stern yet sexy detective. She must take matters into her own hands to find the Ladybug and salvage her love life, and do it before the day is over.

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A Sweet Valentine's Day Treat!

This short story is a lighthearted look at Jax's Valentine's Day, when things don't go quite right! Be Still My Beading Heart takes place between A Bead in the Hand and Off the Beadin' Path.